4 Ways To Get More Money When Selling Your Used Jewelry

There are many reasons why you might be thinking about selling your used jewelry. You may really need the cash, or you could just be looking to clear your jewelry box of pieces that you no longer wear. Regardless of why you are getting rid of these pieces, you probably want to make as much money as possible. If you follow these four tips, you may be able to get more money for your used jewelry!

1. Sell for Weight Instead

Although you might think that someone will buy your used jewelry for its beautiful appearance, you may be able to get more for it if you sell it based off of its weight. Gold buyers, who can be found at many pawn shops or in separate stores, will typically pay top dollar for gold jewelry. You can also try selling your jewelry to coin shops, like Ed's Coins, since they deal with bullion and other precious metals. Since the jewelry will be melted down, the appearance doesn't matter -- you'll be paid off of weight regardless of how it looks. This is a particularly good option for pieces that are broken, tarnished, or otherwise in poor condition. 

2. Give Them a Shine

Even though jewelry buyers have their own jewelry cleaners, ensuring that your pieces are as clean and shiny as possible will give them a better first impression. Use a good jewelry cleaner and a soft-bristled brush -- or an old kid's toothbrush -- to carefully get rid of dirt and grime and to make your jewelry really sparkle. This will also help you fetch a higher price if you decide to sell to an individual rather than a jewelry store, pawn shop, or dealer.

3. Find Similar Pieces

Look online for similar jewelry pieces that are also available for sale. Then, print out any advertisements that you find to bring with you. Then, if a jewelry buyer or individual doesn't offer you a high enough price, you can show just how much similar pieces typically sell for. This can help you get the amount that you deserve.

4. Bring Along Supporting Paperwork

If you have it, make sure that you bring along any supporting paperwork that can help prove your jewelry's worth. Previous appraisals from certified jewelers and certificates of authenticity shouldn't be tossed to the wayside; they can help you get much higher offers.

Follow these four tips, and you can get the cash that you deserve for all of your old pieces!

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