4 Simple Rules For Choosing Jewelry To Pawn

Any time of the year is the right time for getting the cash you need, and sometimes pawning jewelry you no longer want or need can solve a financial dilemma. When you are trying to decide which necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, or other types of jewelry you want to pain, consider these four rules for picking jewelry to pawn.

Rule #1: Consider anything you haven't worn in over a year.

The jewelry that you wear often should be saved as a last resort source of funds. Instead, look through jewelry boxes, storage boxes, and closets for the jewelry that never makes its way to accessorizing your outfits. Once you have gathered all the jewelry that gets little to no wear, it can be easier to pick the things that are no longer wanted or needed.

Rule #2: Have jewelry appraised if you don't know what you can earn from it.

One of the best ways to know which items are worth pawning and how much they may be worth, you want to have any pieces of fine jewelry appraised. Don't waste your time on this if you already know the jewelry's worth or have already established what you want to earn from it. Otherwise, having the jewelry appraised can help save you time and money.

Rule #3: Pawn your most valuable unwanted items first.

Instead of going through the time of packing dozens of pieces of jewelry that have little worth, you can try to pawn your most valuable unwanted items first. You may be surprised to find that pawning one jewelry set may be able to give you immediate access to all the cash you need to solve your problem, and you can save pawning the other jewelry for another time.

Rule #4: Double check on the sentimental value with others who may be concerned.

When you are going to sell a valuable piece of jewelry that has been passed down in your family or given to you as a gift from a dear loved one, talk to them about your plans to pawn the jewelry. This can be a difficult discussion, but start by explaining your situation. If your loved one doesn't want you to pawn the jewelry, they may offer you a loan instead.

Finally, keep in mind that pawning jewelry can be one of the quickest and easiest ways to bail yourself out of a financial jam. Once you have chosen your jewelry, pawned it, and have the cash in your hands, move forward from there to a secure financial future. Start a savings account if possible to prevent future emergencies where cash is urgently needed. You may even want to consider pawning more of your jewelry to get a head start on your savings account. To learn more, contact a shop like Rhonda's Jewelry.

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