Tennis Racket Earring Designs For Jewelry Designers

The game of tennis is very popular with girls and women of all ages. Many young girls in high school and college play tennis during their gym classes and many professional women play tennis for sport and exercise. The easily recognized shapes of a tennis racket and tennis ball can be stylized and very successfully used as earring designs. Here are some ways to use these well-known shapes to make attractive tennis racket earrings:  

Tennis Racket Studs for Pierced Ears:  Tiny tennis racket studs can be made by carving and casting wax tennis racket shapes and soldering the resultant metal shapes onto sterling or gold stud wires for pierced ears. To make this design interesting, small gemstones or pearls can be prong set onto the string portion of the racket to represent tennis balls being hit and returned during play. 

Tennis Racket Hoops for Pierced Ears:  Small cast tennis racket shapes can be gently rounded and soldered onto round sterling or gold hoops. Hinges can be installed on the bottom of the hoops so that they can open and close when the wearer places the hoops on their pierced earlobes. The string section of the tennis racket hoops could hold prong-set gemstone beads that can represent tennis balls. An earring wire can extend behind the tennis rack strings and into the wearer's pierced earlobe to connect to the back of the metal hoop behind the earlobe. If you make these tennis racket hoops in sterling silver, the portion that represents the wood handle of the tennis racket can be plated in gold, copper, or brass to distinguish it from the silver racket and ball.   

Tennis Racket Dangles for Pierced Ears:  A sterling silver or gold tennis racket shape can be made to hang from the butt of the tennis racket handle and dangle down from the earlobe. This design allows you as a designer to make larger earrings with more racket and ball details. The cast or fabricated tennis racket shape can be attached to a gemstone stud by a jump ring that holds the racket flat against the earlobe. 

Wooden Tennis Racket Earrings:  Used wooden tennis rackets can be sliced into thin oval wooden discs that can be polished and sealed with epoxy resin and hung as earring dangles or necklace charms. Small holes can be drilled into one end of the wooden discs to accommodate metal jump rings. Alternatively, small metal screw eyes can be twisted into the top portion of the wooden discs as hanging mechanisms. These wooden pieces are very light and easy to wear and can be conversation starters as they are slices of actual tennis rackets. To ensure that the wooden tennis racket slices are uniform, use a table saw or a radial arm saw to cut the tennis racket. You can often find used tennis rackets in second-hand stores and used sports equipment shops. Small jewelry screw eyes and jump rings can be obtained from any good jewelry supply store. 

Single or Double Tennis Racket Designs:  Any of the above tennis racket earring designs can be made to represent a single racket. To emphasize the competitive aspect of the game, each earring can be designed as a set of two crossed tennis rackets with a prong-set or bezel-set gemstone between the two rackets to represent a tennis ball. 

Tennis racket earrings can become very popular with tennis players and tennis aficionados today. The above earring designs can be made in various sizes and either cast or fabricated from sterling, gold, brass, or stainless steel sheet metal. Whatever styles and methods you use to create your tennis racket earrings, you will find these designs will attract attention and encourage earring sales.

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