4 Wardrobe And Jewelry Essentials If Your Filming A Hip Hop Video

If you have been hired to be the stylist on an indie hip-hop music video, then you know how important wardrobe is. Take a look at any of the popular hip hop videos and you will see how fashion conscious they are. You need to make sure that the talent looks correct, otherwise the video will fall flat. And if you end up making the singer and background models look great, then you will continue to get work in the industry. So, here are some important things to understand about hip hop wardrobe and accessories.

Sneakers Matter

Maybe you don't place much emphasis on sneakers. Maybe you're more of a Louboutin kind of gal (or a Ferragamo kind of guy). But that won't cut it in a hip hop video with a male singer. You need to have hot sneakers, preferably the latest Air Jordan's. Women will wear Gucci, Louboutin, and Givenchy (see Nicki Minaj as an example). However, there are some female rappers who might want a more street style (ala Young Ma, Drezzy) and will want Nike.

Doorknockers Haven't Gone Out Of Fashion

When it comes to earrings for the models, don't think that doorknockers are no longer in vogue. They are sill hot in music videos. So, make sure you have an ample supply for the background models.

Grills For Guys and Gals

This is going to be a choice you need to speak with the director and talent about. Depending on the type of video, the vibe they are going for, and the location they come from, you may or may not need some grills. These are jeweled mouthpieces that fit in and make it look like someone has gold or silver teeth. They are very popular with dirty south style rap, so if you are working out of Atlanta, then these are a must. When you get them, keep a tray and a small bottle of antiseptic to use after the performer is done with them (they do fit in a persons mouth, so they should be cleaned off after they are worn).

The Gold Plated Jesus Piece

The indispensable piece of jewelry is in so many hip hop videos. Essentially, it is what it sounds like: a thick, gold plated chain with a large gold plated figure of Jesus. This piece of jewelry has become so popular that it's even been the subject of many songs.  The trend dates back to Biggy Smalls (Notorious B.I.G.) singing about his custom jewelry in his hit song Hypnotize. The trend then moved on to the likes of Jay Z, and Kanye, who both wore and sung about the jewelry. It was even the title of one of The Game's albums. So, it's essential for many rap videos to have a rapper with not only gold chains, diamonds, but also a gold plated Jesus figure on a thick gold necklace. To find out more, speak with a business like Gold Jungle.

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