Pop The Big Question With The Right Engagement Ring By Understanding These Diamond Facts

You have managed to track down the lady who you want to share the rest of your life with and are getting serious about asking her the big questions. So, your next step logically is to go on a hunt for diamond engagement rings. If you are like a lot of proposing guys at this point, you will get really overwhelmed with all of the different choices set before you. The fact is, choosing the right ring can be really hard–especially when you want nothing more than to make a good impression. To help you out along the way of finding the right ring, check out these diamond facts.

Different diamond colors hold different meanings. 

You probably have already discovered that diamonds can be a range of color hues and shades, some seeming more expensive than others. You may spot a diamond in a particular shade and feel this would be a good fit for your partner because she adores that color. However, the color of a diamond can also have connotated meanings. For example, red diamonds are thought to be symbolic of strength, yellow diamonds a symbol of thoughtfulness and consideration, and a blue diamond symbolic of peace and tranquility. 

Certain diamond shapes are thought to fit with certain style personalities. 

There are a great number of different diamond shapes and this can make it really hard to choose just the right style for your future bride. The best way to ensure you get a diamond shape that is most fitting for your partner is to consider her personal style personality and tastes and go with a diamond shape that fits. For example, round diamonds are considered a timeless, classic style, whereas a princess cut diamond is considered traditional with a modern twist. Heart-shaped diamonds, which are a bit more rare in engagement ring settings, are considered romantic in style. 

Diamond clarity has everything to do with diamond value. 

When diamonds are assessed before being placed in a ring, they are given a rating of clarity. In general terms, diamonds that are more clear in appearance are the most valuable. A diamond that is considered "clear" is basically a diamond that has no visible imperfections, blemishes, or cloudy areas inside. For example, a diamond with an FL rating is considered totally flawless. Because diamonds without flaws and with minimal flaws are rare, these diamonds are more valuable and more expensive. Understanding the different clarity ratings will help you ensure you get a quality diamond engagement ring for the right price. 

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