Give Your Spouse A Love Knot Necklace At One Of These Times

There are many symbols that can effectively represent the idea of love, but there are few that are better than a knot. A knot can mean many things, but in this context, it represents the idea of two separate entities coming together to form a strong bond. If you like this idea and have a spouse with whom you share a deep connection, you may wish to shop for a love knot necklace. These pieces of jewelry come in several different styles, but all share the common design element of a knot. Here are some occasions in which love knot jewelry can be a thoughtful gift.

Wedding Anniversary

There's arguably no date in the year in which a married couple is more reflective about its bond than on the anniversary of the couple's wedding. If your anniversary is fast approaching and you're looking for something beyond the usual gift of flowers and going to dinner, a love knot necklace can be a good choice. You can choose to surprise your spouse with this thoughtful gift in a number of ways, including stashing it somewhere in the house and organizing a treasure hunt.

After A Difficult Period

It's no secret that married couples go through their ups and downs. Challenges can be exhausting and frustrating, but they can also be an opportunity to form a stronger bond together. If you and your spouse have just gone through a difficult period — perhaps a major fundamental difference in your respective parenting styles that you had to work hard to move through — you might want to celebrate the work with a love knot necklace. In this context, this piece of jewelry can represent the strength that you've formed by navigating a rocky road together.

Before Extensive Travel

Sometimes, one spouse will need to be away from home for an extended period of time. Perhaps you have work commitments that will have you traveling for a month or more, or maybe you'll need to be out of town a few nights a week for the foreseeable future. While this change can be exciting, it can also be taxing to your relationship. Giving your spouse a love knot necklace before you go — or perhaps buying it and shipping it home during your absence as a nice surprise — can be a way to show your spouse that you're confident in the strong bond that you have together.

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