Are You Adding To Your Jewelry Collection?

Are you going stir crazy by having to stay home during this worldwide health crisis? At the same time, maybe you are counting your blessings that you can be creative with how you spend your days. Perhaps you have been working on arranging your spring and summer wardrobe. As you do that, have you decided that you need to add to your jewelry collection in order to give more pizazz to your wardrobe? If that's the case, you might be planning to buy designer jewelry online. Here are some ideas that might help you as you shop.

Consider Which Designer Jewelry Will Go With Your Outfits - As you try on clothes, think of how jewelry would add interest to each item you try on. For example, maybe you have a simple beige colored column dress that looks really good on you. What might make it look even better might be a long gold chain necklace with something, like a small magnifying glass or an Eiffel Tower charm, hanging at the bottom of the chain. 

Do you like wearing shorts and capris during the warm months? If so, you might wear them with simple camisoles or T-shirts. Add pizazz to those tops by selecting designer necklaces made from colorful beads. Matching chandelier earrings and bangle bracelets will probably complete the look. 

Don't forget to buy traditional jewelry that you can wear with many different outfits. 

  • Strands of pearls in different lengths are always in style.
  • Cuff sterling silver bracelets paired with silver hoop earrings are very versatile.
  • A fine designer watch can go with casual clothes or elegant outfits.
  • Ball or half-ball earrings look great for daytime wear or evening wear. 

Don't Forget The Designer Jewelry Accessories - That beige column dress might get a whole different look if you wear it with a designer belt that has something like a large sun belt buckle. When you wear your cute shorts and capris, you'll probably wear them with sandals. When you do, add drama to your feet by wearing at least one designer toe ring. More than one toe ring would be even more fun. A chunky plastic watch will be a great touch to your play wear, too. And, don't forget to buy designer sunglasses. Not only will they keep the glare away, but they'll complete your summer look.

As you purchase your designer jewelry, don't forget that many pieces will go right into fall and winter with you. Organize your jewelry in a way that you'll have easy access to it.

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