3 Real Gold Coins You Could Have In Your Piggy Bank

While many coins over the years have been made using copper or zinc, older coins relied on real gold up until the year 1933. If you have a collection of older coins, you may not realize that you actually have some gold pieces among your collection, along with newer pieces that could have slipped through the cracks.

Learn about some of the official United States gold coins and how to sell gold coins to make a big profit.

1. Liberty Gold Coins

One of the oldest gold coins produced by the US Mint was the Liberty Gold Coin. The coin featured a side profile of the Statue of Liberty on one side and a bald eagle on the opposite side. First minted back in the 1800s, the coin was worth $20. Production on the coin lasted for several years with a majority sporting dates from the 1800s.

On the eagle side of the coin, you may see either "Twenty D" or "Twenty Dollars" printed directly on the coin to indicate the original value. The rarity and value of the coin mean you are wasting a lot of potential money if you decide to use the piece as regular currency.

After gold production stopped on the coins, the value of a Liberty Gold is based on the gold value and condition of the coin. Even if the coin is in bad condition, you can still sell coins for the gold value alone.

2. Gold Indian Head

Minted in a similar style to the Liberty Gold style is the gold Indian head. A little thinner than the liberty gold coin, the Indian head design varied from $5 to $10 when released to the public. The coin itself features a side-profile of Lady Liberty wearing a feather-dress on her head. the reverse side features an eagle perched on a tree branch. The coins were produced in the early 1900s and ceased in the 1930s. The coins can easily mix with others and will provide a nice reward if you find it among your collection.

3. Gold Bullion Coins

One of the more modern-day coins you can find is the gold bullion coin. Released by the US Mint annually, the coins include one ounce of gold and typically feature a value of $50. Even with modern-day coins, the value varies depending on gold prices and the rarity of the coin.

If you discover any of the coins in your collection, you can take them to a trusted coin buyer and sell gold coins for a potential profit.

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