How To Be A Gold Buyer Who Makes A Profit

If you want to be a great gold buyer, you should know that being great at buying gold is about more than just making a purchase. It's about making a potential profit as well, which you'll learn about in more detail here. If you want to be a great gold buyer, you have to know when to sell gold so you can make a profit, and here's a guide that can help you be a better gold buyer so you can make more money doing what you love.

Pay attention to more than just gold weight

When you buy gold, look for more than just the gold weight. A good gold buyer also pays attention to the quality of the gold they're after so that they know how to turn a profit when necessary. This means looking at maker's marks or brands so you know if you're buying gold that has collectible value as well as knowing if you're buying gold that has actual gold value. You can sell gold pieces that don't contain a lot of gold weight but carry a lot of collectible weight to help you make more money in the end as a gold buyer.

The money you use to sell gold can be used to buy more gold and build your collection up well. When you buy gold, set out each piece individually and categorize them based on their individual worth to you as a gold buyer and their worth if you sell them so that you can fully determine how much value you have before you. In many cases, simply holding onto gold for its weight value leaves you with more potential profit. Pay attention to rarity, brand or collector value, fashion value, and whatever value individual stones or gems may have as well to maximize your potential profit when buying and selling gold.

Pay attention to more than the price

If you want to make money as a gold buyer, you have to only buy items that are of professional interest to you. When you buy gold, make sure what you're buying has the right gold content for the price you're paying for it. Also, make sure you are getting the right volume of gold for what you're paying. Sometimes what looks like a lot of gold content is actually just filler gold and doesn't yield as much potential profit as you'd think. Candlesticks, figurines, and other heavier gold items may actually be weighted gold, which doesn't yield much potential profit at all.

Bring a gold testing kit and a scale with you to all potential gold purchasing sites. This can help you be better at buying gold and can help you negotiate the best prices for the real gold you buy.

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