Use Custom Jewelry To Help You With Your Sobriety

If you've struggled with a dependency on alcohol or drugs, you know that maintaining sobriety is a life-long process. There are plenty of ways that you can stay focused on your sobriety, including wearing jewelry that encourages and motivates you. A piece of jewelry can be a valuable asset during this challenging journey, whether it's a necklace pendant, a ring, a bracelet, or some other item. Consider working with a custom jewelry service to design a piece that meets your specifications. Here are some sobriety-focused designs to consider.

Date Of Sobriety

Virtually every recovering sober person can quickly recall the date that their sobriety began. For many, this date is important because it represents starting a new, healthy life after leaving a difficult one behind. Even though you know your date of sobriety, this can be something that you may want as a focal point on a piece of custom jewelry. The date can appear either overt or subtle, depending on how public you are about your path to sobriety. For example, a pendant with a stylized date such as "1.6.20" can be an important reminder to you.

Loved Ones' Names

When someone struggles with substances, their family often suffers to some degree. For many people who get sober, their family is their motivation to avoid turning to old habits. Another idea for your custom piece of jewelry is to choose a design that features the names of your family members. For example, you might select a simple link-style bracelet and then have your jeweler create a few charms that each feature the name of one family member. If you find yourself struggling to stay sober, you can look at the names and find a new source of strength.

Encouraging Words

"One day at a time" is a common series of words that people in the recovering sobriety community try to remember daily. While you might enjoy these words, it's possible that there's another phrase or even just a few individual words that carry a higher level of importance to you. These words can work well on all sorts of pieces of custom jewelry. For example, you might like the idea of a thin bracelet that has a phrase or several individual words engraved around it. Talk to your custom jeweler about these ideas, and don't be afraid to ask them for any suggestions. They may have an idea that you like enough to pursue.

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