Yes, You Can Pawn Basketball Shoes — Here's What You Need To Know

In the past several years, basketball shoes have become one of those things that could be considered one of your most valuable assets. Pairs from certain brands can cost hundreds, right up alongside valuable jewelry. So, it stands to reason, these shoes should be worth something if you need cash fast. Well, some pawn shops do take basketball shoes now, and some shops dedicated solely to pawning basketball shoes are open as well. But you'll have to prepare the shoes and make sure they're something the shop will look at, first.

They Must Be Valuable and in Good Condition

Pawnshops for basketball shoes aren't going to take cheap shoes, for the most part. You might luck out and find one that will evaluate any pair of shoes that are in good condition. However, most want valuable shoes, the ones that cost hundreds of dollars. And, those shoes have to be in good condition. No one wants to buy shoes that are in terrible condition, and the pawnshop keeps that in mind when accepting shoes. (If you don't come back for your shoes, the pawnshop will sell them, so they want to accept only those shoes that they know they could move.)

Clean Them Thoroughly, Including Sanitizing

No one wants whatever is on your feet, or what they perceive as being on your feet. Even if you know for sure that you're healthy and that there's nothing in the shoes that could pose a problem for other people, the pawnshop and other people don't know that for sure. Make sure you clean the shoes completely and sanitize/disinfect them. Even if the pawnshop itself has its own disinfection procedure, do it yourself as well. And if you're not sure what the best way to clean the shoes is, give the pawnshop a call.  

Call Shops First Before Going Over

Pawnshops that accept basketball shoes may rely on certain staff members to issue correct appraisals. If those staff members aren't around when you show up, you would have to try to pawn the shoes later on, when the staff members were in. Don't waste your time; call first to ensure that not only will the pawnshop be interested in seeing your shoes, but also to ensure the necessary staff members will be present. It's not out of the ordinary to need to make an appointment to have something evaluated for a pawn shop.

Whether or not you plan to get your shoes back after pawning them, you want to get the best money possible. It would be a good idea to call the shops you're interested in and ask them about specific requirements for shoes to give yourself the best chance of pawning them.

Look for a pawn shop for basketball shoes in your area for more information. 

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