Add Some Skull-Themed Pieces to Your Jewelry Collection

When you think of pieces of jewelry that depict skulls, the first thing you might think about is a skull ring. These rings — which are often designed to look as though the skull's mouth opens around your finger — are immensely popular. It's worth noting, however, that skull rings aren't the only type of skull jewelry that you'll find on the market. If there's a jewelry shop in your area or a jewelry website you enjoy that carries a selection of edgy pieces, you can expect to find numerous examples of skull jewelry. Here are some products that you may want to buy.

Skull Necklace Pendant

There are all sorts of skull necklace pendants on the market, making it easy to find a design that suits your edgy sense of style. You'll need to think about what size of skull pendant you want. If you're eager to have others see this piece of jewelry from a distance, a large design will suit you. Conversely, if this is a pendant that you'll predominantly wear under your clothing, you might like the idea of something smaller. Some skull pendants are thin to sit flat against your chest, while others have more of a three-dimensional design.

Skull Earrings

Skull-themed earrings can also help to give you the look you want. A jewelry store that carries a wide selection of skull-themed items will have a large number of earrings for you to check out. For something subtle, consider small skull-shaped stud earrings that have a simple design. If you're looking for a design that will garner a little more attention, larger skull-shaped dangler earrings may appeal to you.

Skull Bracelet

A skull bracelet may also be an idea that you wish to explore. Many of these bracelets are made up of a series of large beads that feature three-dimension skulls. On some bracelets, all of the skulls are identical. On others, there are several different skull shapes present. Some skull bracelets have a subtler style. For example, a popular option is a bracelet that features a series of black or silver round beads, with just one skull-shaped bead placed among the regular beads. If you're looking to buy a bracelet that feels a little larger, consider a charm-style bracelet that is adorned with a variety of skull-related charms. If you're interested in shopping for these or other skull-themed jewelry, look for a jewelry store that carries such items.

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When you think of pieces of jewelry that depict skulls, the first thing you might think about is a skull ring. These rings — which are often designed

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