Three Armor Ring Styles To Consider

If you're looking for a ring that you can wear for special occasions, your local jewelry store will have a number of different options. One type of ring that some people enjoy is an armor ring. This is a ring that is large and has an intricate design; if you're wearing one, it's almost certain that many people at the event you attend will notice it and comment on it. If you find a jewelry store that carries a selection of armor rings, you can expect to see several different styles. Here are three options that might be of interest to you.

Full Finger

An armor ring that covers your full finger is the largest type of this ring that you'll find. These rings typically begin at the knuckle at the base of your finger and extend out to your fingernail. Some full-finger armor rings even protrude beyond your fingernail. The designs of these rings can vary significantly, but many have elements that tie into the look of a medieval suit of armor.

If you're interested in buying a full-finger armor ring, you'll want to check how well it bends in the center so that your finger has a decent amount of mobility.

Half Finger

If you feel that a full-finger armor ring is too much for you, it can make sense to look at a half-finger model. There are lots of these rings on the market. One thing you'll notice is that these rings come in several different sizes. This means that some people wear them between their first and second knuckles, while others wear them between their second and third knuckles. A significant advantage of a half-finger armor ring is that because it doesn't extend over your second knuckle, you'll be able to move your finger freely.

Double Finger

Although they're perhaps not as common as the above two designs, you'll also see double-finger armor rings for sale. This type of jewelry features armor rings that go on two fingers (or one finger and the thumb) and are connected by a short length of chain. This might not be a design that is practical to wear daily, but it can be a stunning piece to wear during a special occasion.

If you're interested in shopping for an armor ring to add to your jewelry collection, look for a jewelry shop that carries a wide selection of these unique pieces of jewelry.

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